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KSA Finals 2016

Sponsors band 3All you need to know about the April 15/16 League Finals.

  • Schedule of play/draw – will be posted soon (once all teams are confirmed)

Team Entry:

  • Entry via this link: Entries are now closed.  No changes in order allowed going forward.
  • Completed entry forms to be submitted by the end of the day (midnight) Friday April 8.
  • Payment via paypal: dsly3@cogeco.ca or Interac email transfer: davidsquash@gmail.com
  • Team player passes will be available from 17:00 friday April 15.



  • 17:40 Matches begin
  • 19:00 Pizza
  • 20:20 Last matches begin
  • 21:30 Grizzly Grill (drinks)


  • 10:00 Matches Begin
  • 11:30 Lunch available (Sandwiches, wraps, vegetables)
  • 15:40 Last matches begin
  • 17:30 Dinner/Awards at Milestones

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  • Eyeguards are mandatory.  This is a Government of Canada rule and as such there is no bending that!  Period.  Noooo, don’t argue… Won’t help!
  • All matches are best of five games, with D-level players playing PAR 15.  
    • A/B/C PAR 11 scoring.
  • It is essential to keep matches on time so I stress to players; keep your warm ups to 5 minutes and keep play flowing from one match to the next.  Either that or no beer for you!  Or food.
  • Winner of the most matches during a fixture, wins the fixture.
  • Most fixture wins, wins the tournament.
  • In the event of a tie after the round robin, the first tie breaker will be the head to head result between the two tied teams.
    • If three teams are tied, the total games won – the total games lost from the results of the three teams head to head results will determine the placing.
  • Tournament Conflicts if any will be decided by a three person committee, David Sly, Shannon Fisher and Louis Cyr.  Their decision is the final word.
  • Hand in all scoresheets to the tournament desk.  Results are going to be entered into the ranking system.

Extra social tickets are available in limited numbers.  Click on the link to reserve/buy

Extra Social Tickets

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