Apr 08

Extra Social Tickets

Two tournament functions:

Grizzly Grill, Friday April 15 from 9:00pm

All team players will have a couple free drinks which will be on your player pass.  If you bring someone, no extra ticket is necessary, it is an open event.  The Grizzly will also provide us with five pool tables for several hours at no charge.

If you plan to eat dinner at the Grizzly, make a reservation so as not to swamp their staff that night.

We will be providing pizza (pure squash food) friday night around 1900 for the players.

Milestones, Saturday April 16 from 5:00pm

This is a bit more complicated.  Extra tickets are for sale, there is a limited number available.

Follow the below link to reserve/buy a ticket.  There will be no tickets sold past friday April 15.

Awards dinner tickets

Any questions, email me davidsquash@gmail.com