Sep 24

KSA Annual General Meeting

The KSA will hold their annual general meeting, Thursday October 1, at 7:00pm via Zoom. A link will be posted once available.


  1. Welcome and Introduction – Louis Cyr, Chairperson KSA
  2. Election of KSA Board Executive (including review of Board composition and responsibilities)
  3. Review of Board Executive Meeting – 3 Sep 2020 (Zoom videoconferencing)
    a. Squash Ontario AGM – Wed 19 Aug 2020
    b. KSA individual club post COVID-19 protocols & timelines
    c. 2019-2020 Season
    d. 2020-2021 Season
    e. COSA Tournament
    f. Limestone City Squash Classic
    g. KSA club fees matrix
  4. Finance Update
    a. Treasurer’s Report
    b. 2020-21 Budget (deferred until later)
  5. Misc
    a. New constitution approval
    b. List of Captains update
    c. Team fees – deferred until later
    d. Squash Ontario annual fees – deferred until later + credit for 2020
    e. Squash Ontario – Executive Director, Jamie Nichols, going to Squash Canada
    f. Passage of info: players<>team captains<>KSA Board
  6. Open Forum
  7. Adjournment
    2019-20 KSA Board Executive Members
    Chair – Louis Cyr, Garrison (cyr.louis@hotmail.com)
    Communications/Board Secretary – Ross Kircher, Queen’s (7rjk2@queensu.ca)
    Finance – Terry Fitzpatrick, YMCA (terryfitz@bell.net)
    Scheduling A/B – Wes Sloan, Gananoque (wes_sloan@hotmail.com)
    Scheduling C/D – Peter Gamble, Picton (petergamble@sympatico.ca)
    Ladies’ League – Louis Cyr, Garrison (cyr.louis@hotmail.com)
    Junior Program – Louis Cyr, Garrison (cyr.louis@hotmail.com)
    Website – David Sly, Brockville (davidsquash@gmail.com)
    KSA Championship – Shannon Fisher, Brockville (shannon@fisherautoparts.net); assisted by David Sly
    Trophies/Cups/Plaques – Dale Garrah, YMCA, (dale@garrah.com)