Sep 30


The link for the KSA AGM, Thursday October 1 @ 7pm

Sep 24

KSA Annual General Meeting

The KSA will hold their annual general meeting, Thursday October 1, at 7:00pm via Zoom. A link will be posted once available.


  1. Welcome and Introduction – Louis Cyr, Chairperson KSA
  2. Election of KSA Board Executive (including review of Board composition and responsibilities)
  3. Review of Board Executive Meeting – 3 Sep 2020 (Zoom videoconferencing)
    a. Squash Ontario AGM – Wed 19 Aug 2020
    b. KSA individual club post COVID-19 protocols & timelines
    c. 2019-2020 Season
    d. 2020-2021 Season
    e. COSA Tournament
    f. Limestone City Squash Classic
    g. KSA club fees matrix
  4. Finance Update
    a. Treasurer’s Report
    b. 2020-21 Budget (deferred until later)
  5. Misc
    a. New constitution approval
    b. List of Captains update
    c. Team fees – deferred until later
    d. Squash Ontario annual fees – deferred until later + credit for 2020
    e. Squash Ontario – Executive Director, Jamie Nichols, going to Squash Canada
    f. Passage of info: players<>team captains<>KSA Board
  6. Open Forum
  7. Adjournment
    2019-20 KSA Board Executive Members
    Chair – Louis Cyr, Garrison (
    Communications/Board Secretary – Ross Kircher, Queen’s (
    Finance – Terry Fitzpatrick, YMCA (
    Scheduling A/B – Wes Sloan, Gananoque (
    Scheduling C/D – Peter Gamble, Picton (
    Ladies’ League – Louis Cyr, Garrison (
    Junior Program – Louis Cyr, Garrison (
    Website – David Sly, Brockville (
    KSA Championship – Shannon Fisher, Brockville (; assisted by David Sly
    Trophies/Cups/Plaques – Dale Garrah, YMCA, (

Aug 31

Squash Ontario AGM

Wednesday August 19, Louis Cyr, attended via Zoom the Squash Ontario AGM.

Link here:

Louis has summarized the key points:

  • Provincially, current protocol is no playing as 2m rule can not be enforced
  • Pools (or pods) of 6 max for drilling ok, but no playing
  • COVID-19 protocols and health measures to be always adopted
  • Squash Ontario is appealing the current protocol, asking for pods of 10 and playing to resume
  • It is anticipated that clubs will be able to function normally by end Oct
  • Tournaments will likely resume in Jan 2020
  • Critical to get leagues started as soon as feasible
  • Club membership: 88 member clubs, about 7K players across the province; membership credit will be given to clubs
  • Excellent legal bfg on impact of COVID-19 with sports, and squash in particular
    • Use of waiver is paramount
    • Incorporation of club is so important now, otherwise club executive/directors/members could be personally held liable with anything related to COVID-19
  • Insurance: another great bfg
    • Pod participation list with names, dates and timings
    • Trying to get COVID-19 coverage in the insurance policy, but likely an additional cost for this
    • Clubs and/or leagues should make sure coaches/instructors, etc. have proper insurance coverage.  Squash Ontario will verify if their own blanket coverage takes care of this.

Mar 17

Covid-19 Update

For now, all league activities are suspended. All local courts appear to be closed!

The goal is to finish the league schedule and complete the championship weekend.

As there is no real precedent for a Pandemic, we will play it by ear. Major updates will be posted on the Facebook feed first, here second.

The KSA Committee is also mulling various ideas and emails will be sent out to captains as necessary.

In the meantime, self-isolate, lets get this thing out of here so we can carry on!

Mar 10

(No title)


Mar 10

2020 Limestone City Squash Classic

Just under two weeks left to enter the 2020 Limestone City Squash Classic at the Garrison courts.

The Mens A/Open will feature Piedro Schweertman, current 4 time Dutch National Champion, Shawn Delierre – 2 time Canadian Sr Champion (and multiple Jr championships).

The longest, and three of the four longest matches in the history of Professional squash have involved Shawn Delierre.

Mens and Womens draws for every level, limited availability remains in Mens C

Further details are available here:

Dec 11

2020 Guy Beaubien Memorial Squash Tournament: January 30-February 2

Registration is now open for the 2020 Guy Beaubien event in Gananoque.

Oct 29

Ontario Masters Closed

Kingston area squash players combined to win the Rob Brooks Cup, awarded for club participation and results at the Ontario Masters Closed Championships. This is a first title for the Kingston area and the first time the trophy has left Toronto.

Kingston area players involved…

Edwin Aguilar, Bernard Cheng, Chris Zaremba, David Sly (1st place), Glenn Caird (4th place), Dale Garrah, Derek Evans, Lisa Coates (3rd place), Elliot Frymire

Sep 19

2019/20 League

The KSA squash league begins the week of of September 23. First matches September 23 for C and D levels. September 25 for the A/B level.

League Schedules are in in the process of being finalized and will be posted here when they are complete.

In addition we will get all the rules of the league together and post them… soonish. Questions, direct them to your captain for now!

Sep 19

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