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Call for Players…

Mar 28

2018 KSA Finals Entry and Schedule

The 2018 KSA Intercity League Finals take place at the Garrison Courts, April 6/7.


Team Entry Form:  Link to Entry Form

Schedule of Play: Link to Schedule


Mar 28

2018 Limestone City Squash Classic Wrap up

March 23-25, the second annual Limestone City Squash Classic was a great success.

56 players, 44 of which were from outside the region.  Entries were in the end restricted by a lack of hotel space!

$5,500 spent on food and drink, $6,500 in Prize money given a social and squash soaked weekend was had by all.

We will be back for round three next year.

Thank you to Shannon Fisher, Kristin Finkenzeller, Thousand Islands Dog Resort, Mike Scrannage, Movement Performance Centre and Racquet Science for their sponsorship.

Thank you also to Louis Cyr and the Garrison courts for use of the courts and to Khaled El Seweify who was both tournament referee and Barista.

Photos are on the Facebook page

2018 Limestone City Squash Classic: Summary of final results and their cash prize

Mens A
1. Ahad Raza ($1000)
2. Sud Lyyandurai ($500)
3. Mo Hamour ($250)

Mens B
1. Jan Potmesil ($400)
2. Roy Defreitas ($200)
3. Edwin Aguilar ($100)

Mens C
1. John Anderson
2. Mitch Wasson

Mens D
1. Ryan MacIsaac
2. Majid Charania

Mens 40+
David Sly ($400)
David Guest ($200)
Scott Tindal ($100)

Womens A
1. Sally Guest ($1500)
2. Vanessa Steinwall ($750)
3. Jenna Dhanani ($350)

Womens B
1. Tracey Sly ($300)
2. Sabrina Carew ($200)
3. Alison Le Ber ($100)

Womens C
1. Christina McIsaac
2. Cailyn Edwards

Womens Beginner Event:

In the womens beginner event there was a five way tie for first place!

Feb 14

Campbellford Backcountry Open Poster

Feb 05

2018 Guy Beaubien Memorial Results

A Champion David Sly defeated David Guest  3-1

B Champion Jamie Higgs (Fonzie) defeated Sally Guest  3-1

C Champion Derek Evans defeated Dan Shephard 3-2

D Champion Dave Spender defeated John Heddon

Jan 08

RA Winter Open (Ottawa)

Dec 07

2017 Kingston Garrison Open Results

Oct 16

Womens Squash Night, October 19th

The Garrison courts are hosting a Womens Round Robin night, from 7pm to 830pm, Thursday October 19th.
This is a friendly gathering, all levels welcome.
Meet by the courts!

Sep 16

Rules clinic…

Apr 14

KSA Finals

This years KSA Finals comprised of 16 teams across four divisions with 109 registered players.

Division Winners

  • A division

    1. The Wanderers 

      Graham Smith
      Edwin Aguilar
      Larry Howes
      Bernard Cheng
      Reyn Amos
      Shannon Fisher
      Sabrina Carew

    2. Bald & Beautiful

      Harrison Aashkanase
      Chris Zaremba
      Heather White
      Erez Paz
      Eric Mclean
      Ramzi Asfour
      Lisa Coates
      Mike Thompson
  • B Division

    1. Garrison 3 (great name guys, great name!)

      Daniel Bégin
      Stacy Bell
      Rob Evans
      Stacy Merriam
      Louis Cyr
      George deHoop
      Alain Gauvin
      Denis Moore
      Scott McNeely

    2. The Tin Men (Garrison 2)

      Chris Dreifelds
      Eliot Frymire
      Colin Bourbonnais
      Gord Boyd
      Tim Anderson
      Doug Ronson
      David Lee
  • C Divison

    1. YMCA 2 (another great name)

      Mike Chartrand
      Rory Bartholomew
      Tony Bento
      John McDonell
      Steve Watt
      Gary Lees
    2. Picton

      Simon Paul
      Curt Conder
      Don Koval
      Alastair Mathers
      Neil Puffer
      Bob Cooke
      Peter Gamble
  • D Division

    1. LeVan’s Revenge (Queens)

      Fayed Gaya
      Umer Naveed
      Jon Mahnoey
      Austin Levan
      Peter Mcleod
    2. Tankhouse (Garrison 1)

      Joe Pelechaty
      Jim Lavers
      Patricia Rivet
      Lee Rivet
      Jody McInnis


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